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Aloja ePropulsion ESP 1147 - J80 Racing Team

Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Spirit 1.0  /  2016 to 2020

“ ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 electric outboard is the ONLY WAY TO GO! No noise, no smell, no pollution, fast and easy.”

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Sailing Soulianis

San Diego, CA, United States

Spirit 1.0  /  2019 to 2020

“ We used to dread constantly pulling the starter cord, hoping to get some action. Now we just smile watching others plead with their outboards as we silently glide past! And it’s so quiet. We are in total ninja-mode all the time. It’s so nice to cruise around and not have to yell over the engine. Nor is there any smell either! ”

Learning the lines

Marathon, FL, United States

Spirit 1.0  /  2019 to 2020

I really love this motor. It's so quiet and it doesn't scare the fish. It's a perfect replacement for a small gasoline outboard with an integrated gas tank. You don’t have to carry the gas any more.